Laurent Marcovick Impressions, expectations and views on the future of mobility

Shared, connected, electric and autonomous: the future of mobility depends on you!


As some of you might know, these past few months have been quite intense for me. I feel proud and honored to have been a part of the “Mobility Theory” adventure.
There is no such thing as a dehumanized future. Technologies must to be centred around humans, and that’s exactly what the “Mobility Theory” aimed to show.

United by the common goal to find me, hundreds of you have connected, collaborated and moved together for the past 6 months! You’ve shown a huge range of skills: breaking language barriers, decrypting, geocaching all over the world and so much more!

Throughout your quest, you’ve discovered the future of mobility: you’ve sat down in the Renault SYMBIOZ to find a clue that led you to the Renault EZ-GO, the robo-taxi that could autonomously transport up to 6 people.

You then sent me John Delbard’s computer with the Renault EZ-PRO, the last mile delivery concept-car revealed by Groupe Renault during the Hannover Motor Show!

And what better way to end this incredible adventure than at the Paris Motor Show where the high end, luxurious and revolutionary Renault EZ-ULTIMO was revealed! You managed to stop Luc and get the car safely back to the stand in no time!

You’ve all played a key-role in the future of mobility. Now you must share the message that the future of mobility will be tailored-made for humans, by humans.

Thank you, Travelers, and remember: YOU drive the future that will drive you.


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By Laurent Marcovick
Laurent Marcovick Impressions, expectations and views on the future of mobility